eVoucher FAQs
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Q. How does an organization/company pay retailers for redemption of e-vouchers?
A. The organization or company deposits money into their account with Zoona, a Bank of Zambia-regulated payments system. Money from this account is automatically drawn and sent to retailers when e-vouchers are redeemed.

Q. How do I know how many e-vouchers have been redeemed?
A. Zoona has a comprehensive online reporting interface that shows an organization or company real-time data on who has redeemed or not redeemed, when and where those e-vouchers were redeemed, which products were purchased (if applicable), and any extra recipient data that is captured in the e-voucher system. Reports can also be customized to client specifications.

Q. How long does it take for a retailer to be paid after an e-voucher is redeemed?
A. Payment to the retailer after redemption is instantaneous using the Zoona payments platform. The retailer sets up a Zoona account, into which the value of the e-voucher is deposited. The retailer can then use this money to purchase supplies using the Zoona ordering system, purchase airtime. The retailer can also cash out at a Zoona agent or send the money to a designated bank account.

Q. Does the recipient of an e-voucher need a cellphone?
A. No, the recipient of an e-voucher never needs a cellphone. The distributor of e-vouchers does use a cellphone (or computer) to link an e-voucher reference number to a particular recipient (e.g. through an ID number) and optionally enter Monitoring and Evaluation data. The retailer who redeems the voucher also uses a cellphone (or computer) to authenticate the e-voucher.


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